About Us

There are so many religions in the world but most people mainly follow Christianity,Judaism, Budhism, Muslim,Sikh and Hinduism. Now,Christianity came into existence around 2500 years ago,Judaism about 3000 years old,Budhism around 2000 years ago, Muslim religion around 1400 years ago, Sikhism around 550 years ago but Hinduism is oldest religion with roots and customs dating back more than 4000 years which means Hinduism is the oldest religion and all other religions came out of Hinduism but this world existed even prior to that. Question arises who created this world ? When Sun,Stars. Moon into existence ? Who created humans,animals, birds, trees, plants etc.? None of the religions answers this question except Hinduism.

There are various myths/misconceptions in Hindu mythology. Like, there is no temple of Lord Brahma because of a curse by his wife Savitri, Lord Shiva etc… After a thorough study and a lot of research, I could conclude that stories of the curse to Lord Brahma are just myth. To prove, I decided to construct the temple of Lord Brahma and this was done without any financial help from anybody, after selling my own residential house and my whole life savings.

Temple of Lord Brahma has been constructed in Village Shyampur Kangri which is 10 Kms. from Haridwar on Chandi Devi Mandir in Haridwar after Pran Prithishtha of idols on Feb.10, 2019. I wish to construct more temples of Lord Brahma in other states also subject to financial help from Lord Brahma/His devotees.